Where it all began.


Let’s get to it. This blog will be about all of the things that are going on in the country music industry. I’ll likely stick to concerts and other up to date events as well as some fun facts that some of y’all may not know about the artists we have grown to adore. My main goal is to create a space where country fans can come to write and interact with one another, regardless of where we are. Music connects people and The Country Lifers is going to be where we can utilize those connections as well as express excitement about the next big single.

I chose to blog about the country music industry for one, simple reason. I LOVE country music with a pure, undeniable passion. Music in general is crucial to my daily life, but country music takes the cake. For one, I grew up with it. My mom always jammed to Tim McGraw (still does) so I was exposed to one of the greats at a young age. One of her things was cleaning the house while playing the Top 20 Countdown on CMT. I will never forget watching the music videos to She Thinks My Tractors Sexy or Big Deal. I was that kid who sat in awe at the TV without saying a word just because I was so mesmerized by the sounds and environment that songs created. Fast forward a decade or so to when I was a high schooler and oh my word, I was that typical stubborn high schooler who was angry at the world. I hated my small town for fear that it would hold me back. I argued with my parents for fear that I would never get to experience anything under their (what I thought were) strict rules. I did not trust anyone. My few close friends got me through more than I will ever be able to thank them for. One of those friends was working with me one summer and stumbled upon a random duo on YouTube. Knowing that I favored lesser known artists, he begged me to listen to one of their songs. So, on our lunch break I let him play it for me. I can’t put my finger on the reason why, but that song spoke to me and just made me happy. Plain and simple. All of my negative thoughts flew away and I was inspired. Long before the song became the first country record to ever go Diamond, I became inspired by the duo themselves and their significant others (wives now). They all seemed to have such a positive outlook on life- and not just because of their success. They were one with God and the earth and appreciated everything that came their way whether it be good or bad.  I cannot express my feelings towards them as they are the main reason I am not an angry, ‘I hate the world’ person anymore. I adopted their view of life and even read some of their book recommendations (The Four Agreements, it’s amazing). Having a sort of spiritual event take place all because of one song sounds a bit nutty, I know, but I am truly so appreciative of it. The friend who introduced me to this new world has since passed away, which has made the duo and their music even more precious to me. It is the only thing I have left of my great friend, Jordan, and will forever hold the memories from it close to my heart.

644319_4687513724358_1287241294_nOh, so that song and that duo? Cruise and Florida Georgia Line. FGL actually played a part in the name of this blog- Lifers is the name of their fan club. I thought it was only right that they had a special part in this.

Please follow my blog and let me know if there is anything I (or we!) should cover. I would love any and all contributions.

Stay Tuned,

The Country Lifer BM




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