If you have been a fan of country music any time in the past two decades you know the superstar that is Shania Twain. Her songs are timeless and cherished by many; while they are all amazing, here’s a few of my favorites:

Any Man of Mine


She’s Not Just a Pretty Face

Honey I’m Home

That Don’t Impress Me Much (I mean the outfit in the music video, come on)

And of course, every girl’s favorite: Man! I Feel Like a Woman

She is the best-selling female artist in the history of country music and after fifteen years, she is back. After creating hit songs like Any Man of Mine and You Win My Love with him, Twain found out that her husband (Mutt Lange) was having an affair with her best friend. She also was bit by a tick that infected her with Lyme’s Disease. The disease can have multiple effects on its victims and unfortunately the disease attacked her nerves surrounding her vocal chords. This left her unable to sing and unable to raise her voice at all for years. Dealing with both of these circumstances kept her out of the studio and out of the lime light for over a decade, but the fighter in her is what has brought her back. Of course us fans are all thrilled we get Shania back, but let’s be honest- this is an unbelievable time for her. Performing is her passion and she has made it possible to do again after rising above her circumstances.

She recently performed at Stagecoach Music Festival in Indio, California where she sung her brand new single, Life’s About to Get Good, for the first time. Since then the single has made it to country radio where she has been receiving tons of praise for it. Other current Shania news includes kicking off the U.S. Open on August 28th and drumroll… she is auctioning off numerous pieces from her own closet to help raise money for Shania Kids Can Foundation. To see the items visit (you can buy the Man I Feel Like a Woman Dress for $7,500!!!). Last, but certainly not least, her first album in 15 years, Now, is set to release on September 29th so set yourself a reminder to grab a copy before they’re all sold out because it’s bound to happen given the Queen’s return.

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