Top 10 Country Songs the Radio Doesn’t Play

Let’s be honest: we all know the incredible hits by country’s top artists, but what about the other songs on their albums? Unless you happen to be a super fan, it’s hard to find time in our busy lives to listen to each and every song by every single artist- even though we would all love to. To help you guys learn some more of the songs by country music’s stars, I decided I would compile a list of 10 must listen to’s. I’m a self-proclaimed super fan so over the years I have kept a playlist of all the songs that didn’t gain a lot of attention from mainstream music players. My favorites are:

  1. Cold Beer Drinker Luke Bryan ~ yes, this song is your stereotypical modern day country song. All about drinking beer and perfect for a day drink party with your friends.
  2. Damn These Dreams by Dierks Bentley ~ different from his upbeat songs, this is an honest one about looking love in the eye and leaving. Beautifully written from his album Riser.
  3. Rich by Maren Morris ~ I know she’s rose to stardom and gained a massive following after releasing My Church, but Y’ALL, this is a girl’s dream song (sorry boys).
  4. Sure Feels Right by Jake Owen ~ his voice makes this song go from good to great. So many songs are about guys and girls, but this one has that something extra. “I feel a little brave, I feel a little scared… and it sure feels right.”
  5. Dangerous After Dark by Cole Swindell ~ from his Downhome Sessions II EP in 2015, this song was a step up from his hit Chillin’ It. Cole shows his spicy side in this one & it works.
  6. Country in my Soul by Florida Georgia Line ~ sweet FGL included this song and What Are You Drinking About as extras on their first album. This song is everything we all appreciate just a little more than the common person these days.
  7. Booze Cruise by Blackjack Billy ~ stumbled across this one thanks to Spotify. Listen to it for one minute and tell me you don’t love its fun nature.
  8. Shades of Green by Chase Rice ~ one of my favorite things about Chase Rice is that his music is a clear expression of himself. He’s a God fearing American loving guy that appreciates the shade of green on grass more than shade of green on a dollar bill.
  9. Platinum by Miranda Lambert ~ where are my blondes at? This is our anthem that Miranda titled her 2014 album after.
  10. Whiskey Baby by Casey Donahew Band ~ CDB may not be as well-known as some of the others on this list, but they are one of my favorite Texas country bands. Whiskey Baby is a catchy song just different enough from the usual radio hits that makes it one of those always on repeat songs.

There are so many more songs I could have added to this list, but I hope this gives you the jist of what the radio leaves out. Finding good, new songs for your playlists is easiest to do on Spotify. I’m an Apple music girl now, but Spotify is MUCH easier to find new songs especially if you utilize their Discover Weekly playlist they make for you. Until next time!

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