Things you didn’t know about Florida Georgia Line

As I was typing up the last blog I found myself rambling on in all sorts of different directions because I could not fit everything I knew about Florida Georgia Line all into one blog. This one is an extension of FGL: about their wives, their companies, their families, and everything else. Here we go:

Tyler Hubbard married Hayley Stommel on July 1, 2015 in Idaho. They had been dating for quite some time and Tyler proposed to her on a helicopter ride, a helicopter ride! Their wedding party included their families, friends, and obviously a number of other country artists. One person that was missing unfortunately was Tyler’s father. He passed away in a helicopter crash on their land in Georgia when Tyler was just a sophomore in college. So if you were ever wondering what the “While He’s Still Around” lyrics are about, that is it. Also, if you wondered where the inspiration came from for “Grow Old With Me”, Tyler wrote it for his and Hayley’s wedding. Tyler and Hayley are expecting their first child together soon. Baby boy Hubbard will be joining their two golden retrievers as part of the family.


Brian Kelley and Brittney Cole got married on December 16, 2013 after dating just 7  months. Brian has said in multiple interviews that when you know you just know. They wed at their Nashville home with just 40 guests; they wanted to keep it intimate and be able to focus on themselves. Fun fact from their wedding: Bcole bought her dress off of Etsy for $400. If that doesn’t give you an idea of their chill, no frills wedding in the midst of all these hundreds of thousands of dollars celeb weddings, idk what does. While they have not announced whether or not kids are in their future, they do have some babies- fur babies. Brian and Bcole are the parents to FOUR german shepherds.


As if their families and music has not kept them busy enough, the boys of FGL have also decided to open their own music publishing company in 2015. Perhaps to your surprise they did not limit it to just one specific genre- a good artist is a good artist they say. Tyler and Brian created TVM so they could inspire and mentor songwriters and artists and create opportunities for them.

Also, in 2014, Brian and Bcole launched their very own clothing line: Tribe Kelley. Designing and customizing clothes was a hobby they had in common so it only felt right to them to start a line of their own. Since then, they have released six one of a kind lines: Seeding the Dream, Sleeps with Wolves, We are Locals, Tribe Festival ’16, Under the Moon, and Phase II. As an owner of quite a bit of TK merchandise, I HIGHLY recommend you go purchase a piece at

Think I’m done yet? Surprise, I’m not! The boys of Florida Georgia Line surprised the world when they announced the opening of their restaurant/bar in Nashville, TN just a month before it was set to open on June 5, 2017. It has not one, not two, not three, but FOUR stories including the Cruise rooftop bar. The basement, Little Red Corvette lounge is a martini bar complete with a piano player and dance space. The main floor also has a couple bars as well as space for guests to eat during meal hours and dance once the party starts. The second floor overlooks the first (also has a bar, duh). The fourth floor, rooftop, has two massive bars, a dance floor, and of course the massive deck where guests can admire the Nashville skyline. Yes, I have been here too and everything from the food to the drinks to the decor to the view are spectacular. If you get the chance, GO!

As if this is not enough, Tyler’s wife Hayley runs her very own, very detailed blog called The Vogue Trip. Go read her about me for a little fun fact about how her and Tyler ended up together. Anyways, in this elaborate blog she keeps she writes about a number of topics including: fashion, fitness, lifestyle, and travel. Maybe with a baby on the way she’ll create a parenting tab. She also keeps a currently obsessed collection with, you guessed it, things she’s currently obsessed with! There is also a list of people/companies she has collaborated with (which is NOT short) so you know she’s legit. Maybe I should get tips from her for my blog…


Last, but surely not least, Tyler and Brian created their very own brand of whiskey- Old Camp Whiskey. Old Camp is what they call their crew so the name came naturally. It’s different than any other whiskey on the market- it’s Peach Pecan flavored. They even have a store locator on their website so consumers can go indulge any time.

If you learned anything from this, I hope it was that Brian, Brittney, Tyler, and Hayley are all extraordinary people. They are not your typical celebrities and they do work hard in all aspects of life while staying humble. They juggle many hats and rather than letting that get the best of their egos, they continuously thank the fans for their support. Let’s all try to be a little more thankful like these 4.
The Country Lifer

me with Brian and Bcole at their Tribe Kelley pop up shop last spring


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