The Country Lifers was born as a class project from Social Media Marketing Strategy at Belmont University. The author, yours truly, has been a country music fan since my car seat days. I grew up listening to my mother’s favorites: Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney; I’d sing the words I could pronounce and bounce around in the backseat everywhere we went.

     Fast forward a decade or so and one of my dearest friends introduced me to this unheard of duo on YouTube. It was summertime in Northern California and they had a new song that my friend was adamant I listen to. To this day I still haven’t forgotten how I felt when I first heard Cruise. It was unbelievable and indescribable all at the same time. Florida Georgia Line has played a huge role in my life since (more to be explained in the first blog post) which is why the name of their fan club became part of this blog’s name: Lifers.

     This blog is meant to be a space where country fans can come to read and chat about the genre’s newest artists, the most underrated songs, the best concerts, and everything else that country music entails. I hope y’all enjoy everything that comes from The Country Lifers.

Brittani Muller

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